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This memorial website was created in loving memory of our special angel, Gabriel Russo who was born in California on June 20, 1999 (it was  Father's Day) and passed away on July 09, 2007 at the age of 8. We will miss him and remember him forever in this life, and wait with great anticipation our promised Heavenly reunion.  Gabriel became the trail-blazer of this family and his love for God  and Jesus stands as a testimony of the child-like faith we are all called to live out.  Gabriel's life touched  many people and continues to do so even in his passing. 

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Tributes and Condolences
There are no words   / Laurel Ho
What a bright and happy boy. My heart just ached looking at his photos. I just can't imagine what you all go through every day. I think he and Liam would have been good buddies. God bless you all he is in good hands. Hugs Laurel
hi Gabriel   / T.
Feeling you in my heart and the joy you placed within. 
In Loving Memory of Gabriel   / Carol Pizzi (Angel Debbie's Mom )
I'm so sorry...   / Evelin
I'm so sorry for your loss. My name is Evelin and my little son Martin is part of ST.Michaels Academy, when I saw his picture at the classroom I know that how you and your family feel, because I lost my nephew on March 18, 2007. The only thing that I...  Continue >>
I am so sorry to hear about this loss...   / Lindsey Walker (friend)
I used to babysit him when he was very young.  He was such a sweet child, and I am so sorry for your whole family's loss.  I offer you my deepest sympathies, as you are in my thoughts and prayers in this hard time.  If there is anythin...  Continue >>
A couple thoughts  / Lori Sullivan Mommy 2. Twin Angels (friend in christ )    Read >>
Sending Love and Prayers from California  / Lydia Shmitt (HvnsPryrs Intercessor )    Read >>
Thinking of you all.  / Alex Bailey (Friend of Dad )    Read >>
Evidences of HIS love  / Cathy White (Gramma)    Read >>
Im So Sorry  / Christine Daughter Of Omer LeBlanc (Someone Who Cares )    Read >>
an adorable child  / Sorry For Your Loss     Read >>
God Bless this child  / Named Gabriel     Read >>
with deepest sympathy  / Mary Lindbergh (non)    Read >>
beautiful / Lori Sullivan (another angel mom )    Read >>
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His legacy
And A Child Shall Lead Them  

Gabriel's love for and relationship with Jesus Christ is what makes the loss of him in this world bearable. My heart ever aches for his physical presence, his laughter, his hugs, his words, but knowing that he is dancing with the angels and that this separation is temporary gives me the hope and courage to carry on.

The song on this page is Gabriel's song of worship. Although it continues to bring a flood of tears to my eyes everytime I listen, it is what Gabriel is all about. I hope we all can remain in our child-like faith and surrender to God the way Gabriel did.

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